the end of vampires?

This was the vampire of my youth, Barnabas Collins.  He looks pretty cheesy now, but trust me, back in the late ’60s, a lot of our moms were making dates with the TV to check out Dark Shadows.

If you believe any of the hype on the web lately, the publishing industry has officially declared the vampire genre DEAD, based mostly on an interview with Stephanie Meyer in which she discussed abandoning her unfinished fourth novel in the series, Midnight Sun, which was to have been told from Edward’s point of view.  Follow the link below, and she’s not exactly sounding the death knell for all things vampiric.  I think an Edward POV would be good, since I never really got “Edward” anyway.

Here’s the link to the article on ScifiWire:


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One response to “the end of vampires?

  • sonia

    You can watch these on Netflix streaming now. When I was in HS I read the comic books and some of the novels. I really need to watch those shows…

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