E. Lockhart’s Latest: The Treasure Map of Boys

The third in a series, The Treasure Map of Boys invites us into the head once again of Ruby “Roo” Oliver, who may be my favorite of Lockhart’s characters.  Unless it’s Frankie Landau Banks.  Or Sarah/Sadie from Dramarama. As with these heroines, the reader is pulling for Roo throughout the narrative, even if she’s not always completely likable — which is what makes her so real.  Like many Lockhart heroines, Roo is both maddeningly self -assured and completely neurotic.  At times, like many of us, she is a little too sure of her rightness in most matters, and wants us (and her therapist) to undersatndthe depth of  her suffering in the dire state of “No Boyfriend” for thirty-seven whole weeks.  She sees herself as friendless, a “rolypoly”, even though she still has two pretty loyal girl friends.  And then there’s Noel. And Gideon.  And even Finn, plus more ex-boyfriends who are starting to seem interesting again.  what’s a girl to do?  Roo’s also just been put in charge of the CHUBS (Tate Prep Charity Holiday Bakesale), though her drive to move the goods beyond cutesy snowman cupcakes and to get the word out that Tate Men Bake causes more friction between her and most of the school population, again.

Fans of Lockhart will want to follow Roo again as she tries to figure all of this out– and even recognize where she could have done a few things differently and saved a lot of confusion and heartache (hilarious as it is for the reader).

Released July 2010 by Delacorte


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